Corral Panels

Corral Panels , also called corral fence panels , horse corral panels , sheep yard panels , pipe corral panels , horse yard panels , cattle panels , round yard panels , round pen panels , etc.

Corral panels are essentially a fencing material made of interlaced tubes. Several such fencing panels can make an enclosure or fencing system to keep your cattle or horse and sheep secure and protected.

Materials: Low Carbon steel Q235 

Features: It can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

According to pipe Corral Panels type, we have round pipe corral panel, square pipe corral panel, oval pipe corral panel as belows.

Material Low carbon steel pipes
Surface treatment: Pre hot dipped galvanized
Powder coating
Size: Height:1.6m high, 1.8m high,2.1m heigh etc
Length: 2.07m wide,2.09m wide and 2.1m ,2.4m, 2.8m 3.0m wide, etc
Horizontal rails: three types( round, square, oval)
1)Round pipe : 32mmO.D,42mmO.D and 48mmO.D
2)Square pipe : 40x40mmRHS, 50x50mmRHS
3)Oval pipe: 30mm × 60mm; 40mm × 80mm; 50mm × 100mm; 40mm × 120mm.
Rails: 3 rails, 4 rails, 5 rails, 6 rails, 7 rails. 1.8m high with 6 bars/rails or 1.6m high with 5 bars/rails, etc.
Accessories: All panels come complete with steel caps, lugs, feet and 2 pins

Round Pipe Corrals :

  • Round post its low price
  • The ability to fill one container in large numbers during shipping which means reduced transportation costs
  • Pipe size can be 32mm, 40mm, 42mm, 48mm etc.

Square Pipe Corrals :

  • The square post is also an affordable livestock fence panel
  • More durable than a round one
  • Pipe size can be RHS40mm or RHS50mm

corral panels

Oval Pipe Corrals :

      The highest price panel is the oval post which is also the strongest fencing material among the three types.

  • The ideal geometry of the oval post causes no harm to the cattle or horses, unlike the square post with sharp edges and corners
  • Vertical frameRHS40mmx others oval 30x60mm
  • Vertical frameRHS40mmx others oval 40x80mm
  • Vertical frameRHS50mmx others oval 40x80mm


Corral Panels Processing:

1. Machine cut pipe
2. Workers processing horse corral panels
3. Packing Method
4. Packing
5. Loading


Panel Testing

Gallery of Corral Fence Panel Application:

Corral PanelsGallery
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